Our rich of blend of human resources made up of technical and functional specialists from laboratory science, family medicine and their related disciplines, have made it possible to implement qualitative malaria and TB programs with funding and other major donors. We have partnered with the national TB leprosy control program (NTBLC) of national and sub- national levels of support institution platform to expand access to TB care through scale up of TB Directly Observed Treatment Short-course (DOTS) sites, integration of HIV testing service at DOTS sites, improved capacity for TB diagnosis through the deployment of fluorescent microscopy and geneXpert technology, capacity building of different cadres of HCWs on the TB program, roll-out and integration of IPT in HIV programs. We pioneered the Rifabutin Access Initiatives in Nigeria, we have harnessed two of our key strengths – fasting community involvement and leveraging our network of in–country partners, to improve TB case detection and treatment and to strengthen the integration and members of the academic to conduct operations research to improve HIV, TB and malaria programming.