APIN Clinical Pharmacy Training Manual for HIV Medicine

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APIN Clinical Pharmacy Training Manual for HIV Medicine

Overview: APIN, in collaboration with Northwestern University Center for Global Health, is pleased to present the Clinical Pharmacy Training Manual for HIV Medicine. Pharmacists play a key role in the provision of HIV prevention, care and treatment and as such, they must develop and maintain a thorough understanding of the use of medications for HIV and related diseases. The manual includes 17 chapters that address important topics in HIV medicine, including a detailed review of each antiretroviral drug class, as well as key issues on adherence, pharmaceutical care, management of co-infections, and special patient populations. At the end of each chapter are self-assessment questions meant to test the readers’ comprehension of the material presented within the chapter.

Target Audience: Though developed and written for use by pharmacists providing care and treatment to HIV-infected persons, the manual provides a thorough overview of many topics related to HIV medicine and may be useful to other cadres of HIV healthcare providers.

Request a Copy: Contact APIN at pharmacy@apin.org.ng to request a soft (preferred) or hard copy of the manual. Please note that hard copies will only be available in special circumstances.

Evaluation: In order to allow APIN to know who is using the manual, as well as understand how to improve future versions of the manual, we request that you use your allocated password to open the document after downloading the softcopy through this link:  Click here to download

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  • Abiodun Oyegoke

    please can you send me a password to allow me view the clinical pharmacy training manual for HIV medicine.

  • Olaolu Ojenike

    Please can i get a copy of training Manual.

  • Olufemi ADEOYE

    Please can I have a password to access the training manual

    • Web Administrator

      Thanks Olufemi. One of our staff in charge of the password will contact you through your email.

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